Maharajah Bio

A long time ago when moguls were in power around the world, there were Maharajahs in the east. One of them built the magnificent Taj Mahal, and ever since then history has reserved a special place for people with such great vision. Following in the footsteps of great and wise Indian leaders of the past, is Ujwal Badugu the Reggae/Dancehall singer and rapper from a small Indian village b the Godavari River called Rajamundry.

For the singer who has been in music now for long time, it was a natural thing. coming from a family of talented musicians, MAHARAJAH moved from his native India to Louisiana at the age of nine. Growing up in the US provided the opportunity to hear a variety of music. It wasn’t until he went to college at University of Houston that the singer connected with roots reggae that would have a huge influence on him from the culture and the beliefs of the music.

In the early years of reggae music in Houston, Ujwal founded the conscious roots band UNITED FRONT, starting a the drummer ad then the lead singer. UNITED FRONT was the first group in Houston to combine street rap with reggae music. The group continued to play all over Texas until the late 90’s.

From there, Ujwal went on to a solo career as MAHARAJAH. Performing regularly at places like the Royal Rack and Exodus 2 and also continued to play drums for other groups. Growing fans throughout Texas with performances at Bob Marley and Marcus Garvey Festivals.

Focused on a reboot of his career, MAHARAJAH has come out strong with his socially conscious song “Bring Back The Love”. He has also founded a new record label called BUMP G.

Spread the words of Jah and uplift people with the message of Peace, Love and Unity.